Feine Cashmere is a contemporary cashmere brand that fuses classic and stylish design with the luxury of cashmere.

Founded by Anja Thorbecke-Jones and Ashley Jones, long time residents of Shanghai and with over 20 years combined experience working with cashmere, Feine Cashmere is a product of their desire to produce a complete range of high quality, fitted cashmere knitwear in foreign sizes in Shanghai. They quickly discovered that this desire was shared by many others and in as much the idea of the business was born.

Since 2007 Feine Cashmere has been selling its range of luxury cashmere garments and accessories. At first out of their office, then through their three Shanghai based stores, their Hong Kong showroom and now the web shop.

Quality is central to everything we do and by producing only in our own factory we ensure that we source the highest quality yarns from sustainable farms in Mongolia and maintain the highest quality standards throughout the production process. This also ensures maximum flexibility and freedom to develop new style ideas keeping the brand fresh and our customers satisfied.

Feine Cashmere’s vision is to create beautiful cashmere knitwear without compromising on social responsibility. Our yarns are natural, pure and sustainable and all our garments are designed and lovingly made with the highest level of skill and care by local artisans who work in clean, safe surroundings.

We really love what we do at Feine Cashmere and hope you will love what we do too!

Feine Cashmere Team